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Other People’s Words: 19 Nov 2008

Yelling About Music praises John Darnielle and uses one of my favorite albums ever as support.


Suzanne Vega writes about the experience of embracing an unlikely hit.



I am now a collaborator at Nothing Extra. It”s fun!


If you were home, sick, with Iron & Wine on PBS, snuggling with your girlfriend and dog family, and all the memories of places and times you’ve heard this hushed, beautiful music come rushing back, reminding you of the placeds you’ve been and why you were happy to be the place you are–even if you were sick? Well, I’d be surprised if you, too, didn’t cry a little.

I found an excellent drawing post about that night, too.  I should have asked if I could use it for this post.


Other People’s Words, 31 August 2008

Boy oh boy, here’s some 90’s tunes for ya. Hell yeah, Spacehog. Now if only I could get him to email me those old Tuesday songs as mp3’s.

Not really a story, but seriously: Authentic Pirate Hip Hop.

Louis Armstrong: Original Mix Tape Case Designer. Awesome. [via]

Five Rejected Titles for the New Coldplay Record

And then we have Ben Folds leaking a fake album, though far more interesting than just that.

Other People’s Words, 22 April 2008

Liz Phair: once an indie darling, she sells out to Hollywood (slamming Chicago in the process as she runs off and tarts herself up for a monstrosity of a major label album), then claims that it was all the label’s fault. I’m not buying it. [via]

Steve Hayden writes in defense of Stone Temple Pilots. [via]

My favorite one-stop internet-shop lately has been Fluxtumblr.

This iPod boom box, 80’s style, is pretty much the best thing ever.

What If Every Single Joel Silver Movie Took Place In The Same Universe?

With ‘Accelerate,’ R.E.M. Hits Top Speed Again (see what I mean about the R.E.M. story theme?)(Thanks to Erin for the link!)

Other People’s Words, April 8th

With the Muxtape phenomenon spreading like viral wildfire, this was bound to happen sooner or later. [via]

An overly bitter, shockingly honest list of 5 Karaoke Songs that Ladies Should Never Sing as an Attempt at Getting Attention. [via]

Darnielle posted a bit more about his illness; get well soon, eh?

The Sound Opinions South By Southwest wrap-up is always enlightening, plus it includes their take on the new REM.

Even livejournal is good for questions like Can anyone…recommend some more good music on the minimalist/ambient front? Soon, Casey, soon.

Finally, my good friend Zach (aka Crazy Purple People) and I started a twitter site to track our daily earworm conversations. Coming to a sidebar near you!

Other People’s Words, 28 February 2008

Radiohead remixes for free (and it’s legal!). [via]


I was first introduced to largehearted boy because some smart ass made a tracker that listed how often he posted about the Mountain Goats (short answer: often). So, it comes as no surprise that he would have a great interview on the site with Mr. Darnielle, the day Heretic Pride comes out. I had to avoid reading all of it because I want to have a mostly unsullied-by-reviews reaction to it, but I surely will come back to it later. A favorite part:

SM: “In the Craters on the Moon” talks about “the end of a long war,” but it’s not a political song…

JD: THANK YOU SAM DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW MANY INTERVIEWERS THINK THIS IS A POLITICAL SONG BECAUSE IT HAS THE WORD “WAR” IN IT. I love everybody but seriously people a signpost doesn’t always indicate a road.


Rosemary posted about the free Mobius Band covers album, and proved that you can capture the personal meaning of a song in far fewer words than I usually do.


Maxim reviews Black Crowes album; doesn’t actually listen to it.


David Byrne on yet another music distribution model.


Great shots of the two Doug Fir Mountain goats shows from flickr member xXxBrianxXx.

Other People’s Words, 22 Jan 2008

Holy crap, biggest news around here (to me) : Casey Dienel shall now be known as White Hinterland. New album out March 4th. [via]


Sean Michaels reviews-via-short-story at Said the Gramophone. Great song, too.


Andrew Gilstrap (of Popmatters) just got his childhood record collection back (scroll down to Jan 8, 2008)****

Timedoor brings us the songs of former Packer/Eagles great/bigot Reggie White.


Last month, Trash Audio talked to The Depreciation Guild about their process their use of a Famicom in their music.